Certified CPPC and PCC coach


Davide is an Inclusive Leadership coach specialized in career coaching and leadership development. He helps people and organizations to build and strengthen their unique leadership potential in order to find their highest fulfillment in career and life.

Through his leadership approach, Davide coaches his clients to allow them to find what makes them unique and to express this uniqueness in their career and life. 


For 14 years, Davide has worked within large worldwide companies where he held successive HR executive positions, working closely with leaders and inspiring them in creating visionary and innovative strategies. He especially accumulated an extensive experience in organizational development and talents management.


He combines a very solid HR expertise with his empathic abilities as a coach. The result is a great talent in understanding people and organisations needs, making them accountable for moving forward in the transformations they are looking for.

If you want something you've never had
You must be willing to do something you've never done

- Thomas Jefferson -


Davide journey is characterized by change, risk and diversity.

Davide was born and raised in Milan, Italy where he studied Law. He has always shown great interest in the diversity of countries and cultures, such that he travelled the world early in his career – taking on international mandates in different European countries (Belgium, Romania, and Italy). In his 30th year, eager to undertake an even greater life and career challenge, Davide packed his bags and decided to jump into the unknown, moving to Montreal, Canada, a city shaped by bilingualism. As a recent Canadian citizen, he was willing to take a step back into less senior roles to build experience and to prove his abilities. Within a few years, he quickly overcame the cultural gap and built a successful career in Human Resources.

Nearing his forties, another wind of change came and he decided to leave the corporate world and to follow his passion. So Davide founded Aethos Coaching& Action in order to do what he loves the most: helping people in becoming the Leaders of their own career.

Davide is a Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) at CTI and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) at ICF.

He is fully trilingual and he offers his services worldwide in English, French and Italian.


Snapshot of me ...

In his personal life, Davide is an accomplished athlete who believes in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and he is driven by the adrenaline and the challenge of competition. He has competed in a variety of sports at different levels (volleyball, dragon-boat, ski) and is presently involved in both Triathlon and Tennis (GLTA international tournaments).


As influencer and very passionate Diversity & Inclusion's expert, Davide is involved in many volunteer organisations in order to promote a culture of acceptance and inclusion.


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