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The LEADERSHIP FORUM is a program co-led by three professional executive and business coaches.


This program is for you if you're an executive struggling with the novelty and uncertainty of current worldwide events. You're making the toughest decisions of your career, while holding the fort down and the team together.  Everyone is looking at you for guidance and answers you don't have.


The mission of the LEADERSHIP FORUM is to create a safe space for learning and growth. Together, with your peers, you will fine-tune your "leadership bearings", tackle your challenges, address your fears and communicate your needs. You will find strength, inspiration and support through a group of peers and be free to explore ways to reinvent your business and the leader you are.



Because you are navigating in the storm of change. Everything is happening quickly, drastically and unexpectedly.

You want  to take control and lead your ship into this storm. With the LEADERSHIP FORUM you will join a full crew of other leaders that are facing challenges and, like you, are motivated to find innovative, creative and powerful solutions.



The program offers you a safe and confidential virtual space where the participants can:

  • Learn from each other experiences

  • Bring relevant topics to be discussed all together

  • Share success stories but also defeats

  • Gain valuable insights

  • Mastermind and access new creative ideas for doing business differently 


Sign up for a renewable monthly membership in which you decide the content that will drive the forum’s agenda. Through this you get access to:

  • Weekly calls

  • Q&A sessions

  • 1:1 coaching

  • Private Community group

  • Unlimited coaches email support

Mike Edwards


Everyday you are given 86,400 seconds to make a difference in the world. What you do with your time is up to you, and if you waste any of it, you will never get it back. I am Mike Edwards and I work with people who are tired of wasting time living someone else’s story.

For more than 25 years I lived the corporate career starting as a Software Developer and over time became a Program Manger. I ran running multi-million dollar programs, quickly rising to what many would define as success.

I am a Co-Active Coach, certified through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and graduate of the CTI Leadership Program. As a coach, I am on the forefront of many coaching organizations including Leanintuit, the Leadership Gift Program, and Agile Coaching Institute. I love working with people who are tired of taking life so seriously and are ready to write their own stories.

I coach and mentor individuals, executives, and organizations who are motivated to take charge of their lives, and regularly offer workshops for people and teams who know that so much more is possible. Through my blogs and podcast, I share my own story and give voice to the inspiring stories of so many others.


Sara Bianchi


Originally from Italy, as a kid, my dream job when asked about what I would love to do when I grow up was “speaking to the world”.  Brimming with wanderlust and a globetrotter by nature, my enthusiastic approach to life has often simply been, “…and off I go!”. I left home 20 years ago to study, live and work in 7 countries across 3 continents, becoming fluent in four languages in the process. I’m a powerhouse with a gypsy soul;  I speak my mind and heart out and do not beat around the bushes; I am a straight shooter; I believe in serendipity and synchronicity; I value authenticity, freedom, and adventure.


I am a coach, a leader, a biker, an energy storm, a dancer and I’m passionate about working with the warriors, the mavericks, the misfits, the rule breakers, those on a mission or searching for their unique mission in life, and who are ready to embrace their superpowers, with courage, grit and energy to go after it. People and organizations who are ready to take control and claim their true identity for the sake of living a meaningful, purposeful and truly magnificent life.


Davide Conti


Davide is a certified Leadership Coach and Diversity & Inclusion Consultant who helps people and teams to develop their talents as leaders of themselves and of the organisations they work for. His unique coaching approach creates an authentic and trustful relationship with his clients, allowing them to get the clarity and the motivation they need to move forward and to realize their ambitious and fulfilling objectives.

For 14 years, he worked within large worldwide companies where he held successive HR executive positions, working closely with leaders, inspiring them in creating visionary and innovative strategies. He supported, coached and partnered with senior managers and teams to support them in reaching their full potential, within many different industries including Pharmaceutical, Finance & Banking, IT and Consumer Goods.

One of Davide’s distinctive points is to combine a very strong expertise in HR with his abilities of empathy and listening as a coach. The result is a wide capacity to understand his client’s needs and challenges and to guide them towards the results they are looking for with an approach both strategic and creative.

“In the rush to return normal,
use this time to consider which parts of normal
are worth rushing back to”
- Dave Hollis

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