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It’s easy to complain and to do nothing when you have a big accessible excuse to rely on.

There is something very frustrating for me about this pandemic and it is related to how the whole situation is affecting my current work. In fact in the last two months I realized that I need to reinvent my business approach. To shift it, to adapt it to the new reality. And this process come with two very different perspectives. The first one is the exciting one: all this situation is an opportunity for being creative and exploring open possibilities. And this is thrilling! But it is also very hard. This change requires to continuously boost my motivation, stay connected with my vision, challenge my vision, tap into strength. And to do all this alone, every day… It’s hard, it’s demanding, it drains energy.

And I realized that there is a high risk to set the switch on OFF mode and to let everything go with the (easy) excuse of the current situation. In fact, it would be easy to stay completely inactive because anyway “nothing is happening right now … the crisis is everywhere … it’s a bad time” and so on. This is a very tempting perspective, but those are lies. Lies that I would tell myself for feeling less guilty in spending entire afternoons watching Netflix. It’s easy to complain and to do nothing when you have a big accessible excuse to rely on.

So the situation demand to decide…. And everything comes back to the question of choice; it’s always our choice: which perspective do I want to choose? And if I choose to be active, creative and motivated, what will help me to continue to stay grounded there, day after day, without the risk to fall away? What I experienced for myself is that (re)connecting with my purpose and my values is what keeps me fiercely grounded. It’s the fuel that boosts my motivations and that keeps me active and focused. Have a clear purpose allows me to see the big picture, to remember me why it is so important for me to do what I do. And instead to just see the micro situation where I am stuck on (aka covid issue, right now), I widely open the lens of the microscope and I contextualize the situation in the bigger context. And form there I can see opportunities, challenges, excitement.

And to (re)connect to my values remembers me what I am capable of; what I did already in the past that I can do again, over and over. It reinforces my confidence in what I am capable though the person I am and through what I believe in.

It is not always an easy path. It is not always simple. But it does work. There are many exercises you can do for clarifying your values and to get insights about your purpose. A lot of material is available on the net, many resources and free homework exercises. Reading self-growth books is another way to raise a lot of self-consciousness (and it’s also a good way to use your time in period of lockdown). Also having nourishing conversations is a great way to raise consciousness and explore new perspectives in order to get unstuck. Is with that spirit for example that last month I launched a Walk & Talk initiative: offering my time for a virtual talk and discuss together. My objective was – and still is – to offer people the possibility to have a rich and enlightening moment, just through a discussion together. People walk out from those conversation sometime with a huge benefit, sometimes it was just a pleasurable moment, but in both cases one thing is certain: people allowed time for themselves reconnecting with the person they are. And helping people in doing this is my purpose, it’s what fulfills me and make me fell alive. That’s why I launched and I continue with this initiative, because it keeps me connected with the impact I want to have. I made the choice to put my energy in working on my purpose and on my values. I would like for you to do the same and to find a way to fulfill your purpose, especially in this hard time.

I did my choice, did you?


👉 To know more about my Walk & Talk initiative click the link.

Credit photo: by Hello I'm Nik 🎞


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