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Foundation Phase

This is the phase where we deconstruct your previous path and we re-build the deep foundations of who you are from different perspectives: values, strengths, inner confidence and career-life objectives. Main tools of this phase:

  • Weekly 1:1 calls of guided identity coaching.

  • Certified Assessment tools such as EQ-i2.0® and StrengthsFinder®

  • Custom Guided Visualization Exercises and Recordings.

  • Weekly Self-discovery assignments and homework.



Clarity Phase

In this phase, we focus on clarifying your purpose: what’s the impact that you want to create in this world and how to express it through your career. To be aligned with your purpose means to be in resonance with your values and to be able of making fulfilling choices. Main tools of this phase: 

  • Weekly 1: 1 Clarity Calls to unpack every component of your purpose.

  • Saboteurs’ scorecard, to identify your top saboteur's mechanisms, so you can finally step out of autopilot and take back control of your life and choices.

  • Archetype Persona Builder, a custom tool guiding you through assembling all the different components that make up your new identity.

  • Custom Guided Visualization Exercises and Recordings.



Designing Phase

Now that your identity and direction are clear, it’s time to discover what’s your career's next step. In this phase, we build your plan by clarifying and setting goals, commitments and actions and we also ensure to support you to step beyond your comfort zone, face your fears and doubts so you can create your career plan. Main tools:

  • Deep Dive 1:1 Sessions twice a month, to make up your Ultimate Action Plan.

  • Personalized Result Tracking System, to help you remain accountable to your goals and better assess any roadblocks along the way.

  • Calibration Model (your "metaphorical backpack"), collecting the various assets and needs to attract and achieve your desired career. 

  • Certificate of Achievement, a formal celebration and acknowledgement of your accomplishments.



It Real

This is the actionable phase and we are going to shape all the tools and strategies you need to concretely unlock your career and make it real! Based on the career direction that we identified, you will have access to a full toolbox of proven exercises and tools to execute your action plan! Some of the powerful tools are: 

  • Extensive 2 to 3 months in-depth 1:1 coaching sessions to shape and execute your action plan.

  • Ultimate resume Builder. A proven step-by-step process to re-build your resume and make it impactful and outstanding.

  • Interview Master Maker. Get the insights and the finest strategy to prepare your job interviews (or business development meetings). This combination of strategy workbook, interviews simulations and coaching brainstorming will tool you to perform your interviews with confidence and a strategic approach. 

  • The Ultimate LinkedIn® Booster. Boost up your LinkedIn® profile to reflect 100% of all the work we did together so you can position yourself by expressing your values and purpose.

Design Your Path

With Aethos Coaching

" The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams " 

Eleanor Roosevelt


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