The Career Coaching 

Masterclass for you!

A complete coaching program to find the career you believe in!

Finding the Career of your dreams doesn't have to be painful: it's a journey of fulfilment!

- Do you feel stuck in a job you no longer love? Have lost motivation and fulfilment?
- Do you want change in your life but have no clue on what you want?
- Do you want to move on your next step in your career but fear holds you back?
- You know you are meant for something greater and more meaningful, but you feel a lack of purpose?
Introducing the brand new program ...

ReInvent Yourself

A unique 7 week Career Coaching Group Program
to reconnect with your uniqueness and find your way.
Discover how to create the career that suits you, and bring joy and fulfillment in your life!


This is for you if:

  • You are stuck in a job that no longer fulfills you

  • You are looking for a higher purpose and a more meaningful career

  • You feel disconnected with your values and the person you really are

  • You experience lack of motivation

  • You want a change but have no idea what kind of change you are looking for



In this Group Career Coaching Program you will:

  • Discover your Values and develop a Personal Plan to set and prioritize your career objectives and choices;
  • Connect with your Inner Leader and boost your confidence;
  • Learn more about your Strengths and how to use them as unique abilities;
  • Get clarity on your Purpose to have the biggest impact in your life;
  • Realign your career with your true-self and reach Fulfillment and Joy 

Who should apply

If you recognize yourself in that description,

don't hesitate anymore and move into action NOW!

  • You are a professional between 30 and 55 y.o.

  • You have five or more years of career experience.

  • You are committed and accountable for results.

  • You are looking for a change and you are ready to challenge the status quo.

  • You are open to work with other people with diverse backgrounds and origins.


Program Structure

  • Weekly 90min Group Coaching sessions by Zoom for personal career development through the support of your pod community
  • 1 individual 1:1 Coaching session with me for deepening the reflexion, explore opportunities and move into action
  • Unique Aethos Coaching Workbook for weekly homework assignments and your journaling self-reflexion
  • 1 Strength Finder® access code for each participant, in order to use this powerful assessment tool during the program
  • Membership to the private Facebook group



Build your personal plan for change!

Discover what are the areas of your life and career where you want to create a major shift and learn how to prioritize your focus and your energies.



Live a life of true values!

Unpack your personal Values in order to bring fulfillment and joy in your life and career. Discover how to honour those Values and feel satisfied in the choices you make.



Take control of your life!

Stop listening to your saboteur voices and instead learn how to connect with your inner wisdom to boost your confidence.



Discover what makes you unique

Discovering your top strengths is important. But even more important is to learn how to use those strengths to reach your goals.



Get clarity on what you really want!

By clarifying your purpose, you will discover what impact you want to have and what legacy you want to leave in this world through your actions and your career.



ReInvent the new version of Yourself

Design the precise DNA map of who you really are. By defining your True-Self you will be able to make choices aligned with you and with the path you desire.



Set the map for your career journey

Now it's time to decide what your next step will be. Combining all the tools and the self discovery you created, you are able to to define concrete actions for your next career step!


  • Digital workbook 

  • Weekly exercices & tools

  • Sessions recording

  • Facebook group community

  • 1h personal 1:1 coaching with me

  • Your Strengths Finder® report

Program Content

  • Starting date: December 9th, 2020 for seven weeks
  • Frequency: every Wednesday at 1pm (EST) for 90min call
  • Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 participants to guarantee a warm space where everyone can interact and express him/herself



Meet Davide

I'm a Certified Professional Coach specialized in career coaching and leadership development. I combine my extensive HR corporate experience and empathetic abilities as a coach to help people find a meaningful and purposeful career aligned with who they really are.

I host workshops, conferences and events on different topics and inspire people to connect with their values and embrace diversity.

Ranked #10 in the 2020 InfluenceDigest+: The Top 20 Best Career Coaches in Montreal

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What People Say


Davide has been incredible ... he has been my parachute in this free fall of career change


The connection with my coach Davide was excellent ...


I strongly recommend Davide as a coach ...