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Connect To Your Inner Leadership

Take Courageous Action in Designing Your Dream Career with Aethos Coaching

Reinvent yourself with Aethos

This is a 6+ month 1:1 career coaching program that will empower you to develop the confidence and tools to reach out and express the desired impact you want in your next career. Through this transformational journey, you will acquire a new understanding of yourself, your identity, your values and especially your professional, as well as personal, goals. Through the creation of this new foundation, you will gain the clarity and confidence you need to define and implement the concrete actions of your next career step.


This experience provides a whole series of tools, techniques and approaches that will work on your professional and personal development from many angles, such as analytical, strategic, emotional and visual. The tools that I bring on this journey are mainly the following:


The Foundation Phase

Discover Your Roots

Set the strong pillars to claim your true identity


The Clarity


Reinvent Yourself

Get clear on your purpose and on the impact you want to have 


The Designing Phase

Build Your Plan

Discover your career's next step and design the right strategy 


Make It


Ultimate Career Plan

Execute your career action plan and make it real!

Our Commitment

At Aethos, we’re a stand for you experiencing the confidence that exists when you are clear on your internal values, on the values you bring to the table, and to the values you receive from your career. 


This is why our programs are designed to support both your personal growth and professional vision. 


Supporting you in experiencing the success you deserve is our commitment. A transformation in your life and career is yours.




Years' Experience




Annual Client Retention

Meet Davide

I’m Davide, and I’m an Inclusive Leadership coach specializing in career and leadership development. I help unfulfilled corporate professionals who want to transition from their current job to a career aligned with their purpose and values.


I’m also passionate about supporting organizations in building and strengthening their talents' unique leadership potential in order to find their highest fulfillment individually and within their team.

For the past 14 years, I’ve held successive HR executive positions within global companies, working closely with leaders and inspiring them in creating visionary and innovative strategies. 

I’m deeply humbled by how my HR expertise and personal, empathetic passion come together in my coaching because in order to inspire clients to take action in the transformation they are looking for, we must be able to understand their needs and current situations.


As someone characterized by change, risk, and diversity, I can say that I’m not only qualified by field experience, but by my personal journey as well.


It’s been a journey that has had me take a stand for my truth, be open to new opportunities, and experience the benefit of authentic, inclusive leadership in the workplace.


Trilingual - English - French - Italian

  • Certified Professional Co-Active® Coach (CPCC) at CTI

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) at ICF

  • Certified EQ-i 2.0/360 



Foundation Phase

This is the phase where we deconstruct your previous path and we re-build the deep foundations of who you are from different perspectives: values, strengths, inner confidence and career-life objectives.



Clarity Phase

In this phase, we focus on clarifying your purpose: what’s the impact that you want to create in this world and how to express it through your career. To be aligned with your purpose means to be in resonance with your values and to be able of making fulfilling choices.



Designing Phase

Now that your identity and direction are clear, it’s time to discover what’s your career's next step. In this phase, we build your plan by clarifying and setting goals, commitments and actions and we also ensure to support you to step beyond your comfort zone, face your fears and doubts so you can create your career plan.



It Real

This is the actionable phase and we are going to shape all the tools and strategies you need to concretely unlock your career and make it real! Based on the career direction that we identified, you will have access to a full toolbox of proven exercises and tools to execute your action plan!

Design Your Path

Discover Aethos Career Coaching Program

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